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Project Description

Hybrid Protokol is an Electronic Music duo from Kolkata, India.They perform their music absolutely live & old school using synthesisers & machines.

Soumajit learnt and practiced Indian Classical music since a very early age. Electronica bug hit him after he was exposed to the sounds of bands like The Chemical Brothers, et cetera during his college days. His desire to excel in electronic music led him to the unchartered territory of music technology and techniques. Largely self-learnt, Souma’s style evolved as a blend of cutting edge electronica and spirituality, deeply rooted in Indian culture. Souma’s speciality is improvisational Electronica, where he often surprises the audience with a different interpretation of the same songs.

Aneesh belongs to a family with legacy in music and cinema. He has been fiddling around with music programming software on his bedroom computer since his college days. He grew up listening to electronic music from a very early age. Most notable being Kraftwerk and the like. After obtaining a degree in Sound Engineering from SAE Institute, he started his career as a Sound Designer with a leading recording and post production studio in Kolkata. His passion for 90’s electronica sound lead him to practice and perform his unique style of Electronic Music. His music is identified by his aggressive and peppy lead synth riffs which is an integral part of the Protokol’s sonic identity.

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