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Project Description

The first of it’s kind in their hometown, fame the band has been trying to make a name to become one of the unforgettable and reminiscent alternative/pop rockers of all times.

Mikkimra Shira has this crazy know-how of chord progressions and ‘simple but sounding complex’ riffs.

Mark Shira his little bro, started off making his own set of percussions with different things he could find around the house. Where he had his calling and now known to be among the best in town.

A lot won’t know that Tengsam Momin also started drumming before he ever learned to love the bass.

They had chemistry going on in some other realm already.

Fame Sangma is a little figure carrying a big weight of voice who have had different journeys of connecting with the three.

Together, we are unpolished, in favor of each other, lovers and believers of simplicity and not of technical complexities.

Fame The Band is an alternative/pop rock band from Meghalaya, now based in Mumbai. Their debut album ‘nouns’ released in October of ’17.


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