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Project Description

We came in the night. In silences and dreams. Through the empty streets of the city sleeping its neon sleep. You can hear us. As we temper the past. Echoing the future. As we travel the chaos of the present together. We are the imperfections. Of an imperfect world.
Seeking harmony by celebrating an imperfect life. We are everyone and no one. We are the voices which hum when the noise settles down.

We are enolaton
And you are not alone

enolaton are:

Bodhisattwa Ghosh- Guitars, Additional Vocals
Nabarun Bose- Keyboards, Analog Synth, Backing Vocals
Kaustav Biswas- Bass
Sandipan Parial- Drums
Abhishu Rakshit- Vocals
Srirup Chatterjee- Sound engineering

For Bookings – 098300 28365

Smoke Incorporated

89/1 A Bondel Road, Ballygunge Phari
Kolkata – 700019

Call us at +91 98307 32570

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