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4:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Topcat CCU

Celebrating this Shoshti with an evening of power packed performances & live music! Tickets for Rs 200 available at the gate.

Distorted Chromosomes
Distorted Chromosomes is an independent rock band that performs hard rock, ambient and psychedelic rock.
Vocals/Guitars – Boidurjyo Chowdhury
Guitars – Nirmallo Majumder
Guitars – Nilesh Debgupta
Bass – Chitresh Das
Keyboards – Sayor Dabba Ghosh
Drums – Indrayudh Kar

The Vagabonds India
Formed in 2011, this is an experimental band that creates new sounds, new dimensions and new age music.
Vocal/Guitars – Abhishek Banerjee
Drums – Titash Mukherjee
Guitars/Effect – Arnab Neogi
Guitars – Dibyendu Karar
Bass – Chanchal Das
Sitar – Supan Chakraborty
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4eFCmU2ShM

Sayatya & Friends – Sayatya Mallick
Honest music from the soul.
Link: https://youtu.be/FES83z8X2RM

TAMAL n TRIP is the solo project of the Pianist, Singer Songwriter Tamal Kanti Halder. In his words, “This project is like a platform to me for experimenting with different genres. This is not just a band but an organisation where we can feature different musicians, different vocalists even different songwriter only for sake of good music. I badly wanted to break the limitations that a band has in these days. Here I can freely travel
from psychedelic to folk to soft rock to pop, or can collaborate with different musicians to make a vast variety in sound.”
Songwriter, Keyboards & Vocals – Tamal Kanti Halder
Keyboards and Guitars – Prem Roy
Drums n Percussion – Ranit Das
Flute – Roshan Putwar

Shnuopoka – Alternate, Rock ballads, Pop Punk
Lyricist & Vocalist – Nilanjan Mandal
Vocalist – Diptadeep Das
Vocalist – Amrit Mukherjee
Rhythm Guitarist – Dibakar Paul
Percussionist – Shouvik Seal
Treasurer / Manager – Suvankar Sarkar
Creative Writer / Editor – Ayanangshu Mallik

BLOOD is an alt metal/ post grunge Bengali band from Kolkata.
Vocals & Guitar – Tushar Debnath
Drums – Arindam Bubul Ganguly
Bass – Kanad Roy
Guitar & Backing Vocals- Arnab Chakraborty


Smoke Incorporated

89/1 A Bondel Road, Ballygunge Phari
Kolkata – 700019

Call us at +91 98307 32570

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