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Welcome to Smoke Inc. We’re a multi-faceted company that provides creative solutions to artists, venues, businesses and brands, with the aim of building a culture that fosters and supports artists and creative individuals.

Smoke Inc. Events

We curate, conceptualize and stage events. Right from the ideation to the design, choosing the right artists for a particular setting and the final production, our team manages it all under one roof. Jamsteady and Jamsteady’s Big Sunday are two flagship properties that we’ve created from ground up, and has garnered a following. We also partner with properties and events, providing promotional, logistical and production support. Border Movement, NH7 Weekender Kolkata and Bass Camp Festival ’16 are a few of the events we have worked with.

Smoke Inc. Artists

We manage artists, plan tours and gigs, as well as create an artist’s identity through video support. We’re currently working with several talented artists from Kolkata and the North-Eastern states. You can see our roster here.

Smoke Inc. Culture

We’re building an ecosystem that inspires creativity. We promote the arts through media. #yourlocalscene is our hashtag, which promotes all kinds of local, homegrown events. Read more about what’s brewing in Kolkata here.

Smoke Inc. Creative Solutions

We partner with brands, businesses and venues to develop properties and promotional plans to engage consumers and build audiences. Thursday Jazz Encounter, Live at Monkey and CalBunka are a few such properties we have launched, partnering with venues across Kolkata.

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