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Welcome to Smoke Inc. We’re a multi-faceted company that provides creative solutions to artists, venues, businesses and brands, with the aim of building a culture that fosters and supports artists and creative individuals.

Smoke Inc. Events

We curate, conceptualize and stage events. Right from the ideation to the design, choosing the right artists for a particular setting and the final production, our team manages it all under one roof. Jamsteady and Jamsteady’s Big Sunday are two flagship properties that we’ve created from ground up, and has garnered a following. We also partner with properties and events, providing promotional, logistical and production support. Border Movement, NH7 Weekender Kolkata and Bass Camp Festival ’16 are a few of the events we have worked with.

Smoke Inc. Artists

We manage artists, plan tours and gigs, as well as create an artist’s identity through video support. We’re currently working with several talented artists from Kolkata and the North-Eastern states. You can see our roster here.

Smoke Inc. Culture

We’re building an ecosystem that inspires creativity. We promote the arts through media. #yourlocalscene is our hashtag, which promotes all kinds of local, homegrown events. Read more about what’s brewing in Kolkata here.

Smoke Inc. Creative Solutions

We partner with brands, businesses and venues to develop properties and promotional plans to engage consumers and build audiences. Thursday Jazz Encounter, Live at Monkey and In The Mid are a few such properties we have launched, partnering with venues across Kolkata.

[simple_tooltip content=’Jamsteady is our original live music property that was launched in 2013 and has changed the face of indie music in Kolkata. From hosting independent artists from the city and around the country and album launches, to collaborating with musicians to develop content in the form of blogs, videos and albums, that are shared on our blog page and YouTube channel Jamsteady has been instrumental in honing the city’s creativity and musicality.‘][/simple_tooltip][simple_tooltip content=’

In 2015, we launched Jamsteady’s Big Sunday – Kolkata’s first indie music festival. Hosted an hour out of the city, at (XYZ), it featured a power-packed lineup of some of the best artists from around the city and the country including Sky Rabbit, Fossils, Ganesh Talkies, The Supersonics, Fiddler`s Green, UndergroundAuthority, Parekh & Singh, Big Family, Pinknoise and more

Here’s a video of the festival.

‘][/simple_tooltip][simple_tooltip content=’CalBunka is Kolkatas first Saturday night market and music event. Hosted in a garden at The Stadel, it brings together some of the finest entrepreneurs, brands, start-ups, independent businesses, artists and ideas to create a one-of-a-kind night. CalBunka presents a mix of indoor and outdoor experiences, with The Inside Room setting the stage for live music and DJ performances.If you want to partner with us or be a part of CalBunka, mail us at calbunka@gmail.com.’][/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’Thursday Jazz Encounter (TJE) is our weekly Jazz night, for the purists as well as experimentalists, brought to you by The Astor Hotel (Kolkata) and Smoke Inc. Since its launch in 2014, TJE has brought seminal jazz and blues musicians to the forefront through its programming. Artists like Amyt Datta, Big Family, Arinjoy Trio, the Bodhisattwa Trio, Carlton Kitto, Srinjay Banerjee and many more have performed on this stage.‘][/simple_tooltip][simple_tooltip content=’Smoke Sync by Smoke Inc. is created to promote independent electronic artists from India via gigs, collabs, videos, workshops and more. The goal is to create a community around producers, djs, musicians and the audience which will help in pushing the electronic music scene and build the culture.
Follow Smoke Sync on Facebook to know about new releases, events and more’][/simple_tooltip][simple_tooltip content=’Yourlocalscene was started by Smoke Inc. as a hashtag to bring all the interesting work under one umbrella. Since then it has taken its own shape and has connected a lot of people across the country doing similar work.
Follow Yourlocalscene on Instagram for regular happenings.’][/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’Live at Monkey is a collaborative music property by Smoke Inc. and Monkey Bar Kolkata. Held every other Friday, it hosts some of the most talented musicians in the city such as Malini Banerjee, Michelle Manuel, Paloma & Adil, Mojo Band, Surjo and Pelican Shuffles.
Follow Smoke Inc. to know who is performing at the next edition.’][/simple_tooltip][simple_tooltip content=’With this new endeavour we are trying to push Hip Hop culture in the city by organising events that support different pillars of Hip Hop. Part of this series is #ennyNight an only RnB and HipHop night with zero tolerance for EDM, there is #ennycypher #ennylounge & #ennysesh in essence aims to bring together people from different aspects (and pillars) of the culture to celebrate their love for its music, and our love for cognac.’][/simple_tooltip]

Smoke Incorporated

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