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Welcome to Smoke Inc. We’re a multi-faceted company that provides creative solutions to artists, venues, businesses and brands, with the aim of building a culture that fosters and supports artists and creativity.

We started in 2010 with a mission to change the Kolkata music and arts scene. Since then we have launched multiple IPs, like Jamsteady, Thursday Jazz Encounter, CalBunka, SmokeSync and have worked very closely with artists, venues, cafes, bars, brands and our community to build a sustainable and progressive scene. We have been constantly innovating and adapting to the changing scenario. Today with years of experience and a pandemic to deal with we have learnt a lot and want to share our knowledge and expertise with our community to help us grow in the future.

This was the first ever company video we made and we feel it still resonated our vision and values. Most importantly it shows how we started :) 

Smoke Inc Events: 

We curate, conceptualize and stage events. Right from the ideation to the design, choosing the right artists for a particular setting and the final production, our team manages it all under one roof. Jamsteady and Jamsteady’s Big Sunday are two flagship properties that we’ve created from ground up, and has garnered a following. We also partner with properties and events, providing promotional, logistical and production support. Border Movement, NH7 Weekender Kolkata and Bass Camp Festival ’16 are a few of the events we have worked with.

In 2017, we kicked off CalBunka, a night market and music event hosted at the lawns of The Stadel. This offered a first of its kind experience to the people of the city, bringing together small business owners and home grown brands in a flea market paired with an ever-evolving music programming. 

Since 2019, Smoke Inc has looked after the management, programming and social media marketing of two independent music venues in the city - TopCat CCU and Skinny Mo’s Jazz Club. 

Smoke Inc Artists:

Our experience in events management and programming has given us insight into social media, marketing, PR, design and video production and we are able to offer guidance to help artists chart their trajectory. We, thus, work closely with artists to help them release their work, organise tours and advise them on business matters. 

If you are an artist, get in touch with us at the contact button below

Smoke Inc. Culture:

Our aim is to create a thriving ecosystem that inspires and nurtures creativity. We work with local and national artists, create properties that provide a platform to showcase talent, and use our marketing platforms to engage audiences. Since our inception in 2008, we’ve been building a supportive community in the city. We also promote local, homegrown artists and events through our hashtag #yourlocalscene. 

We had launched this song in April 2020 under Mr. Babu records featuring a collab between Skipster & Cizzy 

Smoke Inc Creative Solutions: 

We provide turnkey solutions to brands, businesses and venues to create events and flagship properties that engage their audience. From conception, curation, design, branding, social media and marketing to event management and support, our team can provide end to end systems.

Topcat CCU, Skinny Mo's Jazz Club, Thursday Jazz Encounter, Live at Monkey and CalBunka are a few properties that we have built in partnership with venues in the city.

What's new: Smoke Inc TV

Smoke Inc TV is a community TV, ticketing platform and e-commerce hub - a curation, programming and streaming portal for the arts and artists.