A Sonic Ball of Fame – Fame The Band

A Sonic Ball of Fame – Fame The Band

By Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri

The little ball of sound. Bouncing away in waves to eternity. Conveying a sense of being flung into the depths of the universe. Hard hitting beats broke from the drum, melting into the smooth bass grooves, while the guitar stretched the envelope to ambient soundscapes, moving inside as it pleased. An edgy, remote voice broke through it all, an entity of its own in their little ball of sound.

Phoenix, in a relaxed Jamsteady X TJE mood, drew in stunted breaths and gazed on as Fame – The Band bowled away. Their music carries an element of healing – purge, pain, release. When asked about what they explore through it, they said, “Just pure, spontaneous thoughts and emotions. When we think of coming up with an album or a song, we dont categorize or make it conceptual or want everything to be precise and under a specific theme. We only listen to what the moment is asking us to give. It’s about the nothingness and the things we can’t keep inside.”

“Hopefully the crowd gets the positivity in some songs though they were written in some of our darkest phases. They come and go. But we like to let people know that all hope is not lost. People give up so easily. We don’t want them to feel like they’re alone. We’d also like to know if it makes them want to get deep with us, feel for us,” they said.

The screen behind depicted a world of black, white and numerous shades of grey in between – a post apocalyptic world where life exists in scattered energies and snow covered trees endure as the last vestige of Mother Nature. An unwanted but natural nirvana. The sound built like a despairing and fiery urge to break free of chains, as Fame’s voice ripped through a blood-curdling soundscape and reverberating, uncontained drumming.

“We dont specify our sound as any particular genre because we can’t figure out where exactly we fit in. We have little technicalities on guitars; bass lines to give an alternating blend, and usually heavier and odd timed drums. Vocals are a mixture of the softer side and the breakthrough,” they said, describing their sound, “What we’re doing is basically making short stories of our moments into songs for others to relate to so they know they’re not the only ones going through whatever, and we know that we aren’t alone,” they said.

The effect of their musical barrage on the crowd was rather palpable. Everyone was pumped, energies rising and falling with the pace of the music, which excited the band as well. “The vibe on stage differs accordingly. We’re always having fun performing, trying to give our best because it feels good to do what we do. Then there’s the crowd response adding something more to our energy on stage. The more they enjoy it, the more intense we get feeding off them,” they said.

Hailing from the hilly town of Tura in Meghalaya, Fame – The Band have released their debut album ‘Nouns’ and are going places. Their journey still has lots of miles to cover, and hitching a ride with them is definitely worth the while.

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